The fans are an inseparable part of every sports competition, their enthusiasm gives euphoria and wings to competitors. They are invaluable support on the route and at the finish line – when a runner is in crisis and is tired, and every kilometer seems unattainable. The fans give additional fuel and energy,  running without their participation would not be so pleasant. Tears of emotion, smiles, joy and happiness – all this compensates for the hours of waiting at the finish line in all weather conditions – rain, heat or cold.

During the European Running Festival we would like to make the time of waiting for your loved ones more pleasant, so we will organize a number of accompanying events for you. You will be able to participate in them with your whole families. Everyone will certainly find something for themselves.

Schedule of accompanying events:

  1. Seminar entitled “Movement is health in the pandemic times”.
  2. Lecture entitled “Active family – how to practice running sports together”.
  3. Lecture entitled “Active Małopolska” – an offer for spending free time in the   Małopolska region.
  4. Promotion of the Velo Małopolska cycling route network.
  5. Presentation of the chief editor of the magazine “Ultrawomen – to be an ultra woman”.
  6. Workshops: fitness, sports psychologist, sports nutritionist, health and beauty, games and entertainment for children.
  7. Presentation of elite athletes from the 100 km distance.
  8. 100 km distance winners’ conference- interviews, questions from the audience.

Place and hours will be published in the next announcement