Accomodation in Krynica – Zdrój

Krynica-Zegiestow Spa S.A.
Nowotarskiego Street 9/4
33-380 Krynica-Zdrój

Information and Customer Service Office

18 471-55-22

We have accommodation facilities located in the center of the resort in 4 places of varied standards. There are apartments, rooms with bathrooms for 1,2,3,4 people – comfort, standard and economy, studio rooms in various configurations and rooms without bathrooms for 1,2 and 3 people. Reception open 24 hours a day

The New Spa House
Nowotarskiego Street 7
18 471-28-15

The facility is located directly on the Promenade, next to the Pump Room, on the edge of Parkowa Mountain. It has almost 250 beds, a wide range of treatments, a large dining room and a small parking lot.

The Old Spa House
Nowotarskiego Street 2
18 471-28-28

A facility located directly on the promenade, next to the Pump Room. It has 150 beds of various standards. It has a large dining room with its own kitchen and a small parking lot. There are two cafes located in the building

Nowe Łazienki Mineralne
Piłsudskiego Street 2
18 471-23-31

A facility located in the immediate proximity of the promenade, the Janówka Glade, and the lower cable car station to Góra Parkowa (The Park Mountain). It has about 200 beds of a good standard.  It has a wide range of treatments, its own kitchen and a big parking lot.

Pułaskiego Street 35
18 471-28-11

A lower standard facility with nearly 90 beds in rooms of various standards. A small parking lot next to the building.

Biuro Informacji i Obsługi Klienta
18 471-55-22