In the first weekend of September 2021 (3rd -5th) in Krynica-Zdrój there will take place the premiere edition of the European Running Festival. The main organizer of the event is ’’Fundacja Na Ratunek’’ (To the Rescue Foundation). The competition will be held under the patronage of the Marshal of Małopolska Region, the Town of Krynica-Zdrój and Krynica-Żegiestów Health Resort. It is expected that the first edition of the event will gather about 2 thousand participants, also from outside Poland.

During the event there will be a total of five races, four of a mountain type, including two at the distance of ultramarathon and 10 km street run:

Krynicka Setka, distance: 100 km (main run)
Aria Kiepury, distance: 60 km
Nikifor’s Return, distance: 43 km
Słotwiny Arena, distance: 20 km
Małopolska Record-breaking Race, distance: 10 km (street run)

Starts of all runs are planned on 4th  September this year.

In addition, the festival will be accompanied by a run for children, school and preschool age, and open events in the form of thematic lectures, workshops and attractions for both adults and the youngest guests.

More detailed information will be published in the near future.

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